Hi, my name is Rudy,


My passion is to educate, understand and invest in partnering with people to make positive changes in their lives.

With this clear vision in mind, I want to help you experience the most ultimate hydration possible with my Alkaline Ionized Water Systems.

I have come to the conclusion after much research and life experience that one of the most important changes we can make towards being healthy, is the water we drink.

The water we drink matters…

It impacts our bodies, both physically and mentally, our community and our environment.

Take the nasties out of your tap water. (Lime, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine, Fluoride) to name a few, and energise your body.

Here at Orasu NZ we can work together to give you clean, pH balanced Alkaline Ionized water with no added chemicals. Just pure healthy water.

I import the very best water systems available on the market.  I can offer you affordable prices with easy payment options.

I look forward to helping you. Let us work together to make healthy choices for you  and your family.