Learn about water

The Key To Health

Why all the fuss over drinking lots of water? For starters, our bodies are 2/3 water. Dehydration is a factor in many major health problems.

Dehydration usually appears to be something else:

e.g. it causes low energy, low energy causes poor digestion, then is diagnosed as acid reflux and treated with drugs instead of water. Proper hydration is critical

to good health and vitality…

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Alkalized Ionized Water

According to quantum theory, the difference between life and death is not so much in the chemistry as it is in the organization and structure. This has huge implications when you consider that the structure of water in your body can be correlated with sickness and aging.

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About Water

When scientists look for life on other planets, the first thing they look for is the presence of water.

Most living plants and animals are found in water.

Life on earth is believed to have arisen from water.

To sustain life requires water. All living things are composed mostly of water; 70 – 80 percent of all

organic matter is water…

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Innovative Technology

How does a water ioniser work? Which water ioniser

is the best for you? What creates value in an ioniser?

What kind of filters are needed to make the cleanest, healthiest water? With a growing number of companies now entering the filtration and water ioniser market how can you know?

At ORASU our goal is to eliminate the confusion with clear, simple, factual information. With the proper understanding, you can make a clear choice.

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