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  • We are committed to making purified, antioxidant ionised water available to everyone.
  • Orasu Imports the latest and the highest quality alkaline water ionisers and hydrogen generators into NZ.
  • Proper hydration is critical to good health and vitality and dehydration is a factor in many health problems.
  • Did you know that drinking the wrong water can cause further dehydration ?

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Why ORASU chooses Alkaviva

Best Test Results

Ultra Water Filtration is the only filter independently tested for 172 contaminants in an EPA certified lab, reducing virtually all of them by 99.9%

Best Design

The H2 Series design is compact, modern and high tech. A perfect and elegant addition that will complement any kitchen.

Standout Customer Service

We want you to be happy with your investment and are dedicated to finding the right solution. We stand by our products and provide a full after sales care service.

The Key to Health: Detoxification

‘Drinking plenty of good water every day is like changing the water in your fish bowl!’
All the detoxification pathways in the body (liver-colon, kidney-bladder, skin-sweat, lung-breath and lymphatic system) require water.  Read More…

Alkaline Energised Anti-Oxidant & H2 Rich Water

Alkaline water provides an abundance of alkaline minerals that are required to neutralise acidic wastes in the tissues and in the blood.  Having an abundance of alkaline minerals spares their removal from bones, organs, tissues and teeth.  Read More…

About Water – Did you know …

that your body is made up of 70 to 80% water?
Without clean, healthy water, optimal health is not possible. We are about the transformative and healing power of water. Awakening the world to the magic of water is our mission.   Read More…

Innovative Technology

Which water ioniser is the best for you?  What creates value in an ioniser?  What kind of filters are needed to make the cleanest, healthiest water? With a growing number of companies now entering the filtration and water ioniser market how can you know?   Read More…

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